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This Samsung Smart Fridge Has A Touch Screen And Three Cameras!

Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

Have you been looking for the next piece of tech to wow your guests when they come over to your house? Look no further! Samsung has built the Family Hub 2.0 to shake the refrigerator world as we know it!

It’s All About The Touch Screen

The fridge comes with a 21.5-inch touch screen panel. It is reminiscent of an android layout making it easier to navigate. This panel gives you access to the fridge in ways you may have not thought possible. We’ll try and narrow it down to a few of the best features.

Family Hub: The whole concept of the fridge is based on the family hub. It brings the family closer as you’re all able to connect with each other through this interface. When you connect to Smartthings or the family hub app, you gain instant control over your appliances. Turning your home from a house to a smart home.

Calendar: With the calendar app, you are able to mark important events you would want someone else in the family to remember as well. With the panel on the fridge, whenever someone accesses the app, they are able to see what’s coming up next on the family schedule.

To-Do List/Shopping List: The one thing we can’t to fully get a hand on is finally settled. No longer do you have to forget what you need, have or want. You can transfer a to-do list from your phone to Family Hub or vice versa to organise your shopping.

Phone And TV Mirroring: This allows you to watch TV or run normal smartphone tasks on your phone. With this, you can watch your favourite show as you cook or follow up on a recipe without having to use multiple devices.

The Cameras

You don’t have to open the fridge door anymore to see what’s inside. See what’s inside using the three in-built cameras. You can then see what’s left inside and choose what to eat, what to buy or what to make from anywhere in the world. Also, you can bring a food list form your refrigerator to your phone or vice versa.

Through the app, you can see what’s in the fridge and get all that you need from the store. Thanks to the touch screen panel, you can see what’s inside, tap on a food item and customize what it’s about. You can name it, add it to the shopping/food list and even add an expiry date to it. It then tracks this information and updates you on what you have, what you needs and warns you what will expire.

When guests are around you can set up a slide show so they don’t have to your vital information but still get to be entertained by your fridge.

The Samsung Fridge Is Great But…

It has slow laggy software which is definitely due for an upgrade and runs Bixby. It would be better if it had Google Assistant, just to push its capabilities a notch higher. All these features are of course possible when using just a pen and paper. Then again everyone can do that. You need to stand out and this would be the best way to go at it.

It is quite costly, starting at about Kes. 200,000 but if that’s the price to pay for such a revolutionary piece of tech, why not. A guy can dream, right?


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