These Are The Mobile Games Kenyans Are Playing Alot

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As the per the latest report by the Communications Authority of Kenya, 8 million Kenyans own smartphones. With this comes the easy access to the internet. And with the rest of the world coming into terms with the fact that mobile gaming is a thing and an efficient one at that, it’s only fair to know what kind of games you have been playing a lot.

Top Trending Mobile Games

1. Candy Crush Saga

It’s pretty obvious that no one should be surprised that this puzzle game is still holding on to the number one spot after all these years. With Google Play Store being popular for its almost perfect geolocated stats, it could be believable that this is still being played by many smartphone users in Kenya.

Developed by King, Candy Crush Saga holds an incredible first place with 500million+ downloads globally and over 26 million reviews.

2. Carry 1st Trivia: Play. Learn. Earn

With just a 7.8 MB install size, we would understand why this is coming out on the top of the list. But being a live trivia game, it makes it even harder to understand why. Developed by ADG Technology, the game is simply a game that tests your general knowledge. This is simply on anything, be it music, pop culture, politics or science. More to that, you do earn points for every right answer. Additionally, you can get to share your scores and compare with those of other users.

3. Bubble Shooter

If you haven’t played this, the game is simply just as it sounds; shooting bubbles with a bubble. This mobile game is not as big with just 24 MB size on Google Play Store and claiming over 100 million installs. It is a free time-killer game with over 1500 levels, so you better be up to the task. The ratings may not be as good as you would expect but the fact that it is on the list, says that it is attracting some traction form Kenyan users.

4. Temple Run

How long has it been since this game launched though? The famous Temple Run is still a thing that Kenyans are playing. I guess at this point, the common factor is that people are just playing these games to kill some time. However, it still doesn’t take away the fact that this is unbelievable.

5. Dream League Soccer

With millions being world football fanatics, it is understandable to find this game on the list. And with the growing popularity of fantasy football, it probably deserves to be there. Other than the football simulation, Dream League Soccer offers the opportunity to be a manager of your dream team. This, of course, gives you the chance to sign top players and compete online against other players. I guess you could call it a PES 2020 Mobile competitor.

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