PS4 vs PS5: Should You Consider Upgrading Your Console?

PS5 v PS4

It takes no rocket science to realise that Sony is busy trying to create a frenzy among gamers about the anticipated PlayStation 5. This is even though it might be almost a year away from its very first launch. Either way, everyone wants to see how good it will be as advertised by Sony time and again.

From the 8K resolution support, Ray-tracing and impressive loading speeds, we all just can’t wait to see it. But even as we wait, we still have the PS4 and PS4 Pro that have proved to be impressive and quite possibly the best consoles made by Sony yet.

The PS4 did even claim the throne in being the fastest-selling console from the company this year beating PlayStation 2. But should the owners of this current edition be so disturbed about upgrading to the next after it comes out?

PS4 v PS5: Which Will Be More Expensive?

Of course, the PS4 console has had its prices drop ever since its initial launch back in 2013. Released back then, the PS4 regular edition came with a price roaming around Kes.50,000. This is if you consider the international price plus necessary taxes.

Three years later, the PS4 Pro, meant to be a spec bump, came with about the same price if not a few thousand shillings more.

Because of this, many are not expecting the PlayStation5 to cost about the same, even though this is highly unlikely. Considering the heavy level of tech packed in this next-gen game machine, it would only seem fair for Sony to get the stakes a little bit higher.



Leaked prototype image of PS5. Courtesy MSN

However, the console’s architect, Mark Cerny, has come out a couple of times to say that it will be affordable. But should we fall for that? If we were into betting, it’s safe to say that the console will be about Kes 10,000 higher than PS4’s initial cost. After all, who would give you so much efficiency for the same price as the product’s predecessor? Not Sony.

How Powerful Is Each Console?

The only thing we have seen so far is a video showing the loading speeds of the PS5 compared to the existing PS4 which was like months ago. So, it would seem impossible to be 100% sure about PS5’s performance. However, Sony has been releasing the necessary spec information and it’s what we can work with.

The PS4/PS4 Pro has proved itself over the years to be one of the best consoles of this generation thanks to its powerful CPU/GPU combo. Despite the lack of 4K graphics support, the console still managed to play silky-smooth 60FPS games to a high quality.

But how big of a spec jump will you be making if you get the PS5?

PS4 Pro Specs

CPU: 2.1GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar

GPU: 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon (36CU, 911MHz)

Memory: 8GB GDDR5 + 1GB

HDR: Yes

Resolution: 4K (upscaled)

Storage: 1TB

PlayStation 5 specs

CPU: Custom AMD Zen 2

GPU: Custom AMD GPU (supports ray-tracing and 3D Audio)

Memory: Unknown

HDR: Yes

Resolution: Supports 8K

Storage: SSD

Some of the facts for the PS5 are still missing but it is still safe to say that whoever gets it will have a pretty sweet ride. The console has been promised to bring in advanced controller tech fit for high-end and responsive gaming.

The system has been promised to be about at the same level as some of the high-end gaming PCs we are seeing right now. But as much it has been promised to cost about a fraction of its price, we still won’t fall for it.

But the elephant in the room will be the cost of its video games. To live up to the impressive performance, developers clearly know they have to up their game and are probably doing that already. However, they’re going to do that with the promise of good profits. It’s all business after all.

Will the games be affordable or will it be the like the weird scenario where one buys a car without considering the cost of fuel? We would estimate to cost a bit more but we’ll wait. Till then, maybe you’ll have to weight out your options well. You have about a year.

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