These Are The Best Google Pixel 4 Review Videos To Watch

Google Pixel 4
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If you clicked this, chances are you don’t need an introduction to Google Pixel 4 and that’s why you want to watch the review. The latest iteration of what is arguably the best Android smartphone in the world was launched just the other day.

While we might not be fortunate enough to actually walk into a Google shop and buy a Pixel 4 in Kenya or anywhere in Africa, but at least we can drool over the goodness of the device from those who have had the experience.

But, if you are interested, here’s a list of rare smartphones that you can buy in Kenya.

If you’ve been even remotely interested in the Pixel lineup of smartphones, you know that the devices are known for their great software experience and even better camera experience that has been taunted to be among the best on any smartphone.

From the initial reviews, it seems that these factors remain true about the Pixel 4. Yes, the camera is superb, yes, the software has the neatest tricks and yes, the phone is still ugly – all trademarks of the Pixel lineup since inception.

But there are certain tradeoffs this year that have not made people happy. For instance, the on-board storage is a big joke for 2019, the lack of a third, ultra-wide lens has left a bad taste on some enthusiasts. That’s not it, the battery capacity on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL leaves a lot to be desired, just to mention a few specifications.

Anyway, before we say too much, here are the best Google Pixel 4 review videos to watch:

(Note, they are pretty long)

The Verge

Mr Mobile

Linus Tech Tips



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