This Smart Wallet Retails For Almost Kes.25,000. Why?

Smart Wallet
Image Courtesy Indiegogo

Can you count the number of wallets you have lost? If the answer is more than 1 then this article is for you. Volterman has launched the world’s most powerful smart wallet and it’s virtually impossible to lose it.

The wallet gained almost KSH 250 million from over 25,000 backers making it the most funded wallet on Indiegogo. With a built-in power-bank, distance alarm, global GPS tracking, worldwide Wi-Fi hotspot and an anti-theft camera, this wallet is turning heads everywhere.

What Makes This Wallet Smart?

Battery And Charging Capabilities

You’re at an event and you need to call an uber but your phone is only at 2%. You don’t have a charger with you and no one seems to want to help you. What do you do? You pull out your smart wallet and leave the rest to it.

It has a 2600 mAH battery capable of being charged wirelessly and wired with a USB Type-C. The wallet also features power bank capabilities and comes with USB Type-C, micro USB and lightning cables to charge your other devices.

On top of that, the phone features reverse wireless charging. By simply placing your wireless charging capable device on the wallet, (phones, airpods, earbuds etc.) the wallet is able to charge your device.

Smart Wallet

Image Courtesy Volterman

Thief Detector Camera

There is a front-facing camera in the wallet that takes a picture as soon as you open the wallet. After syncing the wallet to the phone app, the camera on your wallet will send you pictures on request when someone opens your wallet.

Bluetooth Alarm

We’ve always wanted to put alarms on keys, remotes and wallets. Now we can. Should you misplace your wallet, you can easily find it by clicking a button on the app and a loud alarm will sound from the wallet allowing you to easily find it. It also notifies you when you have left your wallet behind.

Cloud Storage

Surprisingly, the wallet has room to allow for cloud storage. It features 64 GBs worth of storage where you can store your files, music and documents.

The wallet retails for $238 depending on the size and type of wallet you are looking for.

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