Useful Keyboard Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

Keyboard Shortcuts
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There are many keyboard shortcuts that span across the QWERTY keyboards on our laptops. Here are a few that should make your work easier and save you a lot of time.


Undo and Redo

  • CTRL + Z= Undo: Have you ever made a mistake and wished there was a way you could undo it? Well this is the shortcut for you. From transferring wrong files, editing mistakes, typing errors to deleting vital information, no error is too big for this shortcut.
  • CTRL+Y = Redo: You make a mistake and you’ve undone it and now you want it back. CTRL + Y will redo what you had undone.

Select, Copy, Cut and Paste

  • CTRL + C = Copy: Duplicates texts, files and images. No need to drag any more.
  • CTRL + V = Paste: After copying, you can now paste it somewhere different, just by using this shortcut.
  • CTRL + X = Cut: Works the same as the copy shortcut, only now it does not make a duplicate but picks the original file.
  • CTRL + A = Select Everything: This short cut selects everything on your page without you having to drag over everything with your mouse or trackpad.

Refresh, Print and Find

  • CTRL + R = Refresh: Quickly refreshes your webpage with this shortcut.
  • CTRL + P = Print: It opens a dialog where you are able to set up and print the page you are on.
  • CTRL + F = Find/Search:  Opens a dialog box that helps you find a specific word in large documents or long articles. This reduces the amount of time it would take you to manually find it.

History, Windows and Tabs

  • CTRL + H = History: Easily access your History.
  • CTRL + J = Downloads: Shortcut that opens your downloads.
  • CTRL + K = Open new Similar Tab: This shortcut opens a similar tab to the one you are on where you can now search other things and keep the original tab open still.
  • CTRL + N = Open new window: Opening a new window has never been simpler.
  • CTRL + S = Save: Mainly used to save your work without having to open the file option on the top left of your screen.

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