How To Stream In the Best Quality From Your PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
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Streaming your gameplay from your PlayStation 4 console is a fairly easy task. What gives, however, is the level of quality, which is another whole ball game. If you plan to do this probably for the first time or have never nailed it, quality is key. Thankfully though, it’s not hard it’s not so hard to start out on a great foot.

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  1. You do have the option of choosing the quality of your video straight from the console’s system. Make sure to stay at either 720p – Standard or 720p – High (60FPS). Anything lower, and you’ll risk having a choppy, hard to see the stream.
Playstation 4

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2. Secondly, you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection. Doing something like connecting your PlayStation 4 via Ethernet will help you achieve the highest speeds possible. This is obviously unlike Wi-Fi connection that keeps on fluctuating.

3. Try using a solid headset or even a USB microphone for perfect audio quality. This is in order to not only get the most out of your games audio but so your voice comes in smooth and crisp.

4. Letting your friends or followers know that you are about to go live via either your social media accounts is also a good idea.

5. To get to the next level of quality, you might want to grab something like an Elgato capture card to give yourself the best-looking streams.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be streaming with not only the highest quality settings the PlayStation 4 can offer but also the best quality stream you can produce!

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