GTA 6 Developers Are Confident On The Switch To PS5 And Xbox Scarlett

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It has been 6 years now since Grand Theft Auto V was released to players. And now that we are in the game release season, one would wonder why Rockstar Games have been so quiet. But now according to reports, we might finally have the answer.

The next edition of the crime survival arcade is now expected to launch next year. Considering that’s about the same time that Sony and Microsoft will be releasing their gaming gems, it would seem reasonable to wait till then. However, it has been questioned whether the developers are ready to match up GTA 6 to the beasty consoles.

Well, for Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, the transition to the next-gen consoles will be as seamless as ever. And this can only be good news for the future project set to be featured on the consoles. This is with GTA 6 expected to be among them of course.

This will give a chance for the most complex GTA game ever and also provide improvement for GTA Online. The online multiplayer mode still remains popular on current consoles but has faced some challenges when it comes to new updates.

This is not to say that Rockstar Games hasn’t done a good job with the content so far. But with the online mode designed initially for PS3 and Xbox 360, there are limitations still holding it back to this day.

So for Rockstar to lie in wait for the next systems in order to make the biggest leap clearly is a good call. However, since we don’t know the scope of the project, it’s hard to say whether this will prove accurate.  According to Take-Two Interactive’s president Strauss Zelnick, the future could not be brighter for future indie game projects.

“I don’t think that puts pressure on the Grand Theft Autos of the world, which require many many people and a very significant financial investment to make over a long period of time,” Zelnick said, via Tweak Town.

“And there’s no evidence that that’s the case. In fact, to the contrary: I think it’s becoming more complex, more difficult and more expensive to make really top-tier titles.

“There’s no direct competitive business between a modest independently-budgeted title and a big frontline title from a major publisher.”

Asked about the cost changes that are expected with the new consoles, Zenick answered, “We don’t really expect material cost changes with the generation. Every time we have new technology which allows us to do more, developers want to do more and that can cost a bit more. But our current expectations are not that you’ll see a cost spike.”

So as much as the current trade wars are likely to make console gaming a nightmare, let’s hope all this is reversed before mid-2020.

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