Study Finds Video Games To Cause Heart Problems In Children

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The whole debate around what effects video games have on everyone that gets to play has been there for years. And as much as the gaming industry may argue the benefits, it’s evident there are some problems. If you don’t believe it, read about the cases surrounding PUBG Mobile as well as may other games.

Well, anyone who has played an immersive video game can tell you the adrenaline rush you receive. This is especially if you are really competitive which basically describes every player. While that happens, a new study just surfaced to try and prove that those games trigger heat complications in some kids.

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted the study highlighting three cases where children suffered cardiac accidents. This being a result of excessive video gameplay.

Strange Heart Conditions

The first incident happened when a 10-year old boy suddenly lost consciousness after winning a violent war game at home. Narrated in the New England Journal of Medicine. Sometime later after coming around, the child suffered a heart attack at school. This was due to a diagnosed unknown condition called ventricular fibrillation, in which the heart tremors, rather than beating properly.

The second case had a 15-year old faint just as he was about to win in a video game. This was not his first incident as he had previously had heart surgery.

The second incident had him diagnosed with a condition where the heart beats faster than normal (ventricular tachycardia).

And for the third unfortunate case, a boy aged 11 collapsed while ‘animatedly playing an electronic war game with a friend’, according to the report. Similarly, he was found to have long-QT syndrome – a heart condition that causes irregular heartbeats.

With these underlying conditions, the researchers did conclude playing video games to be a common cause. And as many may argue that it’s all one-sided, adrenaline rush during play is proved to cause “a sudden surge of the body’s stress hormone adrenaline”.

This can then “put vulnerable patients at risk of going into a dangerous heart rhythm.” So take it on. I’ll wait.

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