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Mazda Plans To Unveil Its First Electric Car In October

mazda electric car
Image: Yallar Motor

The manufacture of electric vehicles among big automakers is getting bigger by the day. And after a couple of EV reveals from various companies, one Japanese maker is ready to step in as well.

Automobile enthusiasts are looking forward to the Tokyo Motor Show that will have Mazda reveal its first-ever full-electric car. Mazda has for long championed driving dynamics as a key mastery and will now be dipping its toes into this new world of electric vehicles come next month.

The Frankfurt Auto Show did have interesting new products to show to the world but this will particularly have Mazda fans pumped up. Reportedly, the unnamed Mazda EV will come as both a purely electric vehicle and with a range-extending internal-combustion engine.

The confirmation of this was made by a Mazda representative assuring that a battery-electric vehicle will indeed be showing in Tokyo next month. No information on the design or the specifications was given out though. But while the world can’t get enough of utility vehicles, it doesn’t take much effort to guess that the company will be going for an SUV size probably with compact proportions.

However, the car will be separate from the work Mazda is doing with Toyota to collaborate on EVs. The EV will be Mazda’s first and falls in line with the company’s plans to introduce more eco-friendly vehicles in order to meet tightened C02 emission standards in Europe and California. The company has said that by 2030 or 2035, most¬†of its cars will be powered by electric or hybrid motors.

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