Fortnite Finally Makes Great Adjustments To The Unpopular BRUTE Mechs

BRUTE mechs

The 10th season of Fortnite made a debut about four weeks ago and with it, Epic Games decided to come up with some over-powered BRUTE mechs for players to use in the battle royale against other players.

After much complain form players across the globe, the company just responded to the community explaining that the mechs were brought in to help level the playing field, giving the inexperienced players a fighting chance against the pro gamers that win almost every match.

But with a majority of the population being the skilled players, the complains were obviously loud enough to finally make the developers respond by initially limiting their appearances during the game’s competitive mode and adding the new weapon, the ‘junk rift’ to help players fight back against opponents with them.

But however much Epic Games wanted a tap on the back, that still wasn’t enough to make players satisfied and finally, they had to bend and bring real changes that are now live across all platforms.

The mechs have now been depowered significantly by reducing the number of missiles it fires, how fast it fires them, the radius of the explosions caused by its weapons, and reduced spawning rates.

Players in the suits also cannot pick up stuff while stomping or dashing through the map.

For those who had grown fond of the BRUTE mechs though, it’s not all downhill floor as their health life has been upgraded to 1,250 points from 1,000.

All in all, this is expected to call the Fortnite playing now since the players with the mechs were so far superior, killing anyone even if that person had full health. With the changes made, mechs can still destroy structure as fast but it won’t be as hard to fight them as before.

For now, though the Junk Rift has been temporarily removed from the Arena playlists, an action that Epic has said is due to an audio hitch. But all things considered, the response from the game’s community has been positive so far and we hope that the developers will not do anything to jinx that.

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