The U.S. Ban On Huawei Still Exists, But It’s Been Lifted For Another 90 Days

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For a moment there you may have forgotten that Huawei was facing a ban in the U.S. The ban, which was initiated by President Trump, saying that U.S. companies should restrain from working with Huawei over matters of national security, took effect back in May.

After which, we saw a rollercoaster of events follow with Huawei partners cutting off ties with the Chinese tech giant. The most notable exits being Google and Microsoft, who both revoked Huawei’s license to access their software.

The effects of this ban haven’t seemingly been felt yet, at least on consumer products, as we’ve seen market reports that indicate Huawei’s smartphones are selling quite well.

The initial ban had been lifted for a period of 90 days, ending August 19th, after which, the U.S. government has now issued another extension, for 90 days to end on November 19th. “Some of the rural companies are dependent on Huawei, so we’re giving them a little more time to wean themselves off,” said Wilbur Ross, Chamber of Commerce Secretary.

In addition to this announcement, Ross also announced that they had added an additional 46 Huawei subsidiaries to the entity list, bringing the total number of Huawei affiliated companies banned from trading with the U.S. to over 100.

In response, Huawei claims that the 90-day extension will not have a substantial impact on their business. However, the company was not pleased with the additional subsidiaries ban, terming the move as “politically motivated” and an “unjust treatment that had nothing to do with national security.”

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