Little Shuttle Starts Long-Distance Travels in Kenya (Updated)

Little Shuttle Longhaul
Image Courtesy Little

At the start of 2019, Little Shuttle and Swvl both launched app-based mass transit services to haul commuters around Nairobi and its environs. Both services have grown drastically over the past few months, with the number of routes growing with demand.

Disrupting Kenya’s public transport has been a rough road for everyone who has tried and neither Little nor Swvl have really dented the industry beyond giving us a glimpse of what could be.

For daily commutes, Little and Swvl seem to be doing well, with a steady rise in users of the services who rely on the shuttles to avoid the hustles of matatus during rush hours but the biggest challenge has always been timekeeping – thanks to Nairobi’s unpredictable traffic, more often than not your shuttle will be late, sometime even two hours late (speaking from experience).

Now, Little has announced a new service, Little Longhaul, that will start serving long-distance travellers. The service’s first route is Nairobi – Naivasha – Nakuru and has a total of 6 round trips per day, with the first trip being at 6 am and the last at 4 pm.

As for pricing, we are yet to get information on that as Little is currently offering a promotion to give free rides from this Friday to Sunday the 4th of August 2019. However, traditional means of transport to Nakuru costs between Kes.400 and Kes.500. Therefore, we expect Little to charge a similar amount if they are to gain any traction on the route.

(Update: Little is currently charging Kes.400 between Nairobi and Nakuru)

Booking for the trip is as simple as booking a cab, all you have to do is access the Little App, Select Shuttle from the top bar and proceed to book your seat. Note that the pick-up for the Nairobi-Nakuru route is at Mfangano lane and the last stop is at MV Patel in Nakuru.

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