Is The OPPO “Waterfall Screen” The Coolest Display On a Phone Ever?


OPPO has just shown off a new display design that, honestly, looks really cool. The display looks almost similar to what we get on recent Samsung Galaxy flagships but on steroids. Dubbed “Waterfall screen” this new display is as impressive as it is scary.

Through their Twitter page, OPPO says that they are taking borderless smartphone innovation to new heights. Information on the web indicates that the new OPPO waterfall screen has an 88-degree curvature, which means the display essentially makes part of the edges of the phone.

On top of this, there’s no visible selfie camera on the phone, which could either mean a pop-up selfie camera or an under-display selfie camera (we’re hoping for the former). This is not the first curved display that OPPO has implemented on one of their phones, the OPPO Find X had one but this one is overly dramatic which could turn away a good number of people.

On the negative side of having a matrix-style display on a phone, there’s quite a growing list of concern over the durability of the same. Curved displays have always been more fragile than flat one due to their curves that stretch to the edges, now we wonder how fragile this one will be.

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Secondly, thanks to the design of the OPPO waterfall screen, there’s  no space for buttons on the sides which left OPPO with no option but to relocate the power button to the top of the phone –  which makes it really hard to reach considering how tall this thing is and we still have no idea where the volume buttons are.

Other issues of concern include the touch sensitivity of the curved area, especially when typing or simply holding the phone. From our experience with the OPPO Find X, the palm rejection on OPPO was not as good and if that’s the same case then we have a disaster at hand.

As much as OPPO refers to the device as a prototype, there’s the likely chance that this could be the successor to the Find X, even more evident due to the comparison given to last year’s Find device. We are certain it won’t be long before we see an actual device announcement.

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