PUBG PC Update Lives Up To Its Dark Season 4 Trailer


Fortnite players may be overjoyed with the fun brought in by their new season but they aren’t the only community of gamers showering in the glory of a new update as PUBG PC’s season 4 has been rolled out. And with battle royale games not actually being known so much for their backstories, it was quite surprising for PUBG Corp. to introduce this new season with a cinematic trailer that was, to say the least, scary.

The first-ever real official trailer for the game was released a week ago with a goal of introducing the story behind the famous Erangel, PUBG’s first map. It starts off with a young child who appears to be the only survivor of a horrible battle on the island dated back to 1965. As the clip continues, you get to skip to where the child is now grown and happens to be pretty loaded and is the one behind the battle royale’s organisation. It ends with the shot of the man seated behind numerous monitors taking in all the violence, explosions and murders.

The trailer that is among the first of its kind even against PUBG’s biggest competitor, Fortnite, was set to bring back focus to the Erangel map and season 4 promised to bring major visual overhauls to the map for a better shooter experience. And as promised, season 4 has brought exactly that.

PUBG Corp. reported that it has “improved the graphical quality of Erangel’s various areas and terrains across the board,” ranging from improved textures to updated terrain.

“We’ve updated existing terrain, signage, and buildings and have added a small number of buildings to some areas as well. To better illustrate Erangel’s history, terrain elements have been added or revised. Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks have been added across different areas of the map.”

Additionally, the update features a new Survivor Pass dubbed Aftermath that can now be purchased on Steam for $10 (approximately Ksh.1,000) and grants holders access to a variety of missions to complete be it seasonal, premium or weekly. Successful progress will then level the pass up and unlock a collection of new cosmetics as well as more rewards including emotes, clothing items, and weapon skins.

The Survivor Pass will also introduce a new cooperative mission system and like Fortnite’s Party Assist feature it allows players to team up with other online friends and contribute to a mission’s progress. New weekly missions will be going live every Wednesday throughout the season and the Pass has been reported to be active until October 15th.

Now to the fun part, Season 4 will also feature balance adjustments to many weapons and vehicles with more of its details on PUBG’s website. Now, this might get you all excited but Season 4 has been confirmed to come to PS4 and Xbox One although no specific date has been announced yet.

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