PC Games Earn Ubisoft More Money Than PS4 and XBOX Games


The gaming industry has been surrounded by a long argument for years now about whether players are embracing the present-day consoles with the likes of PS4 and Xbox One and forgetting the big old PC. This considering the vast lines games that the consoles have been getting and also the fact that getting a good performing PC to provide the ultimate gaming experience is a really expensive affair right now.

But Ubisoft Entertainment, a French video game company, did release their financial reports that clearly proved that PC gaming is still up and running and even giving good competition to its counterparts. The first quarter of the 2019/2020 fiscal year saw 34% of Ubisoft’s earnings come from its PC titles, outshining the PS4 that followed with 31% representation, Xbox One falling way behind at 18%, followed by mobile gaming platforms that gave 7% and lastly 5% from Nintendo Switch.

This still came as a surprise considering the previous year’s first quarter’s report that saw PS4 lead with 38% of the earnings and PC at a distant second place at 24%.

But PC has clearly led the rank for the past two quarters consecutively this being the first time that this happened. The previous quarter fiscal results showed 36% share for PC with 34% for PS4. The financial report then went on to acknowledge Anno 1800 as a big part of the recent success with the company’s chief executive stating, “The 34% was pushed by Anno, which is a PC-specific game, but even with that launch, we had a very good performance on PC overall.”

According to the report, the overall earnings that were higher than expected were also,” led notably by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Rainbow Six Siege, and Player Recurring Investment.” What we really hope is we see this when it comes to titles from other companies.

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