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How Twitter Reacted To Twitter’s Outage

Twitter outage scrennshot

Twitter was down on the night of July 11th 2019 from 9:46 pm to around 10:56 pm. The one-hour long outage was apparently caused by an “internal configuration change” – whatever that means.

Unlike the quo, where Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go down and Twitter users throw jokes left right and centre over the issue, this time around things were a little bit awkward. The pun machine, Twitter, was down and the big question was, where were people ranting about the issue?

wt lighthouse

Interestingly, once Twitter services were restored, the hashtag #TwitterDown was among the top trends on the platform. Confused? Well, this tweet captures it all:

Through the hashtag, users expressed the hard times that hit them for that one hour, with a good number of people taking the opportunity to throw shade at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – which were ironically up and running, but it seems WhatsApp status offered the best consolation with some crazy folks asking for RTs  – on WhatsApp:


Twitter itself did not shy away from making fun of the whole situation, maybe trying to lighten up the mood:

As of now, Twitter says they are monitoring the situation. The company does acknowledge that a few people might still be facing issues here and there with the platform.

The take away from this all? Well, this tweet captured it perfectly:

We’d also like to know how you spent your time away from Twitter, feel free to engage in our Twitter poll:

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