American Government Mulling Ban of End-To-End Encryption

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There are reports that senior government officials in the U.S. are contemplating banning or at the very least, making end-to-end encryption less effective.

End-to-End encryption is a method of securing data that prevents third-parties from accessing it as it is being transferred from one side of the communication to another. Encryption is generally used to manufacturers and service providers to enable a safe environment where users do not have to worry about external interference or eavesdropping, especially on their conversations.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the idea of banning encryption was raised by officials from key government agencies during a National Security Council meeting.

The proposed ban is apparently to allow a better fight against terrorism by making it easier for the government to intercept suspicious conversations.

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram rely on end-to-end encryption to keep the data of their users safe regardless of the content of the message. It is said that no decision was reached at the meeting in regards to the matter.

An encryption ban (even on U.S. services only) would have a world-wide effect as a good number of apps and services used globally are headquartered in the Trump-led nation.

Some U.S. agencies, DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI, claim that catching criminals and fighting terrorists is a top priority over the privacy of citizens while other agencies claim that such a move would have both economic and diplomatic consequences.

If such a law passes, then the issue of data privacy will have taken a nosedive, all thanks to the Trump administrations. What are your thoughts?

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