Pokemon Wants To Make Sleeping Fun With a New Game


You know how the general tech industry is mainly based on the goal of making daily activities not just easy but also fun? Well, we have had the pleasure of seeing some of the most fascinating devices, software and now games that are gradually been getting into the mix in an effort to make some of those activities an entertaining affair.

We did see that with AR-based games like Pokemon Go, some way made walking around fun since with the help of your smartphone’s GPS, you could locate, capture, fight and even tame virtual creatures, Pokemon, that appear in your real world.

The thrill, however, got to cause a lot of distraction as people were playing the game chasing the creatures. There happened to be cases of some players bumping into obstructions, buildings and others even too into it to a point of causing physical harm on themselves.

The incidents that were growing in numbers with time did taint the Japanese company’s image for sure. The game was even banned in various countries since the behaviour among players was now becoming really strange.

But it seems they are on a path to try and redeem themselves. The company did announce a new game that is underway meant to now make your sleep as fun as possible.

We know you’re wondering how but basically, you will play this in your sleep. A new partnership with Nintendo will see the company adopt a new sleep-tracking device dubbed the Pokemon Go Plus connected to the new game, Pokemon Sleep that will also give you gameplay updates designated for sleep and rest. The device will connect to your phone via Bluetooth to send your sleep data through the night.

Pokemon Go Plus Plus

Basically, PokemonGo Plus will be adding the type of functionality you tend to get with most smartwatches, and tethering it to a Pokemon video game.

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Various reports tend to deter from calling this a game and more of an app and taking it more as a sleep tracking app would make you see why that is reasonable.

Not much is known about how the creators really intend to make this a fun affair but the app’s official description does read: “Pokémon Sleep aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, affect the gameplay.”

It’s not certain whether that will make you settled or even more dazed but more information will be released by the company at later dates. The games is set to hit Android and iOS devices in 2020 under a new online service, Pokemon Home.

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