Two-Year Old Budget-Phone Nokia 3 Gets Android Pie Update

Nokia 3
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For the longest time now, Android phones have always had a terrible wrap when it comes to getting software updates and this is the story with flagship phones, entry-level devices do not even get the much-needed security updates let alone feature software updates.

One company that had worked really hard to change the tide is HMD Global, the company that currently holds the rights to make Nokia-branded phones. Over the few years that the company has been around, they have done a marvelous job at keeping their phones up to date across their lineup, even though some devices take longer than others.

One such instance is with the budget Nokia 3 that was one of the earlier phones the company ever announced. The Nokia 3 has been around since 2017 and was placed as a budget phone that did not quite excite in any way but offered the bare minimum of having a phone that’s not only usable but bears a strong brand.

Back then, the device launched with Android Nougat and was later updated to Oreo and to everyone’s surprise, we now have Android Pie running on the phone. This new update falls in line with the company’s new mantra, “Nokia phones keep getting better”.

In case you forgot what the Nokia 3 is, the device is made entirely out of metal – a rare choice for phones at this level, it features a 5-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It has a quad-core MTK processor with an 8MP camera at the back and the front as well.

The device currently retails at Kes.11,000  (the lowest price I have seen is Kes.10,300) but its newer editions, the Nokia 3.1 retails at just slightly above that and even the much newer Nokia 3.2 only requires a bit of a top up, making it hard to recommend anyone to buy the Nokia 3 today (unless it falls under 8k) but updating the device is a good gesture that anyone who wants a consistent software experience, Nokia seems to be the brand to go with.

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