Call Of Duty Plans To Take On PUBG Mobile Gaming Dominance

Call of Duty Mobile

For quite a while now, PUBG has been seated on the throne when it comes to the mobile gaming world as its daily player numbers keep growing with time. You have got to admit that other developers have tried to bring in some competition to the survival game but their lights have just been covered by the huge popularity of the former, considering the dominance it has in some of the biggest tech markets there are.

Even with the negative reputation that has been gradually creeping in from some moral police, you would think that developers who try to create similar games would shy away from investing their time and effort but that might be proven wrong very soon.

This is because Activision confirmed that they are soon releasing their famous Call of Duty Series to Android and iOS users. Being the latest game to be released by Tencent, the game that is already in beta program in India, Call of Duty Mobile has been reported to bring a world full of thrill that we see with the PC versions of the game and at the same time, trying its shots at the battle royale that is popular with PUBG and Fortnite.

Other reports do claim the game will bring a breath of fresh air especially after being into PUBG for so long. Together with the promise of great graphics and a variety of options, we may see a bit of competition to the current mobile gaming leader which I have to say is good for the market.

It is safe to note that it is quite early to assume anything, so for us who aren’t so lucky to be in the beta program, we’ll have to just wait. Activision also revealed a Battle Royale mode for the title which they reported will be quite similar to Black OP 4’s Blackout mode.

Despite the similarity to Blackout, COD will definitely contain some high points like the support of up to 100 players, six character classes each with unique abilities and features like being able to revive teammates among many more. This might seem subtle but PUBG players will definitely relate to these features and this is why it threatens to be the next big thing in the world of mobile games.

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