Angry Birds AR Lets Players Throw Around Birds In Real Life, Kinda

Angry Birds AR

Despite our different preferences when it comes to smartphone games, we can all agree that we at least spent some hours crashing the pigs with animated birds on the popular game, Angry Birds.

Some of us still play to this day. Well, iPhone users who are fans of the game will celebrate a little more as Rovio and Resolution Games have released a new augmented reality version of the game called Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.

The game developers at Rovio have been testing it with immersive 3D technologies for quite some time now, as they were debuting the AR version for headsets like Magic Leap as well as a virtual reality version for headsets like Oculus. The game has now been released worldwide in the App Store and has received a ton of positive feedback already. As for Android users, your version has been reported to be in the works although no exact date has been confirmed. I will, however, have to admit that just from seeing the trailer video, it is tough to not be eager to have it hands-on. So how does it work?

With over 50 levels of gameplay, players have the task of destroying pigs’ structures and territories on island beaches, cliffs and snowy slopes, but this time on any surface around you say, a table or the floor and that is why it is called Angry Birds Augmented Reality.

From a statement by the creators, “Viewing the 3D levels through an iPhone or iPad, players can walk 360-degrees around levels to find weaknesses and hidden items, and when they are ready, line up the perfect shot with intuitive onscreen controls – walking in close to get precise, or stepping back to gain a better view of the destruction.”

The game may seem quite similar to the VR version that was released earlier this year but now you won’t have to get headsets to play. According to Rovio’s CMO, Vile Heijari, this milestone is just but a step to exploring their strategic areas in future gaming which will mainly be accomplished by venturing into augmented reality, mixed reality and spatial computing. As we await an Android version, iPhone users can let us know how the experience with the game is. On the bright side, there is now another AR game other than Pokémon Go.

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