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Facebook Bans Personality Tests In Latest Privacy Push


Zuckerberg’s promises and plans to try and get back on track to secure their users’ data as much as possible may best be seen through the latest crackdown on quiz services that had been allowed into the social network.

Yes, Facebook is finally banning the services that were found to have been used to maliciously gather a whole lot of data from users. One would ask why this has taken as long as a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that was unveiled as the culprit in syphoning information from as many as 87 million people through such quiz apps.

Facebook personality test

Many still rise up to accuse the personality quizzes as the main problem which may be a cause for the ban but let’s acknowledge that Facebook’s main agenda through this is to limit what developers can access and do across the social network. This comes alongside a crackdown on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used for accessing users’ information and have been there for a while. This is mainly meant to hinder programmers from accessing data from users that haven’t used the app for over 90 days.

Facebook still promises to carry out many other changes and crackdowns alongside the ones aforementioned with immediate effect which we may have to appreciate but still wait for more. What may be funny is that they restrict themselves from mentioning the personality quizzes as a scheme plan by Cambridge Analytica and instead paint it as banning apps with “minimal utility” from the social network.

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