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Google Has an Avengers Endgame Easter Egg You Should Totally Try

Chrome Avengers Easter Egg (2)

In the spirit of Avengers Endgame, Google has crafted an amusing easter egg into their search panel that features Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. A quick Google search of either “Thanos”, “Thanos Gauntlet”, “Infinity Glove” or “Infinity Gauntlet” will present you with a normal search result page, at least from the first look.

However, to activate the easter egg, simply tap or click (depending on whether you are on mobile or desktop) on the infinity glove (gauntlet) and watch the magic happen…

Chrome Avengers Easter Egg

The easter egg wipes out a good chunk of your search results with an effect that makes it look like the powers of the Infinity Stones are in action. Tapping the infinity glove once again returns everything as they were, of course with a dramatic effect.

We have tested the easter egg and it works across mobile and desktop on all the browsers we could get our hands on, so go ahead and have some Endgame fun…

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