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This Website Turns You Into an Avengers GIF

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If you live on earth and are on social media, chances are you know about the Avengers Endgame Movie that just premiered and has everyone talking about it. Whether you have already watched the movie or you are busy trying to avoid spoilers, someone has created a website that turns your picture into an Avengers GIF.

The web app, Avengethem.com, was developed using Morphin – a service that generates a 3D model of a photo which can then be added onto GIFs. From the website, Avengers fans can choose from a total of 18 Avengers GIFs which showcase different Avengers heroes including Black Panther, Star-Lord, Captain America and the Black Widow.

Using the site is fairly simple, all you have to do is to select the GIF you want your face imposed upon, then upload a clear photo of your face (the site recommends uploading a passport photo) and then letting the site do its magic.

It’s not instant, but it doesn’t take longer than a minute for your GIF to be generated. You should also note that it will animate your face, thus you might not look 100% like yourself but the resemblance is there, as you can see from my Black Panther and Spiderman GIFs:


avengethem (2)

However, the results are not always that impressive as seen below, off a friend’s photo (but I guess it’s because she was smiling on the photo):

Once your GIF is generated, you can choose to download it as a GIF, video (for Instagram stories) or share it directly on Twitter. For those who are going to give Avengethem.com a try, “This is the fight of our lives.”

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