How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger Dark Mode

There’s been a growing thrill of having dark mode enabled across multiple apps and Facebook has been on the forefront leading this revolution. Aside from the dark aesthetic that seems to be pleasing quite a number of people, dark mode on apps have the added advantage of being easy on the eyes as well as energy conservation on AMOLED displays.

As WhatsApp and Twitter work on bringing true dark mode to their platforms (Twitter has a dark mode but it isn’t black), Facebook has gone ahead and enabled the feature on their messenger app. Actually, dark mode on Messenger has been around since last month, but Facebook had hidden it under an easter egg – which would only activate dark mode if you sent a message with a crescent moon emoji.

The feature has now been enabled for everyone without the need for the easter egg. To get dark mode on Messenger, here’s what to do:

  • Open the app
  • Tap on your profile picture on the top left (this opens your settings tab)
  • Toggle the Dark Mode switch on
  • That’s it, welcome to the dark side

Messenger Dark Mode

After enabling dark mode, the white background will turn black and text will now contrast the background, you end up having a beautiful theme as seen below:

Messenger Dark Mode 2

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