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Android Q May Support 3D Touch Feature From the Software Level

3D Touch
3D Touch on the iPhone

Google has currently rolled out two beta versions of Android Q that is set to be their latest update but only to users who are part of their beta program. With some of the beta users testing out every feature that may be appealing enough, online reports have come out to inform of plans by Google to bring the 3D touch feature to their Android side, even as rumours have it that Apple may be killing this feature that has been there for 4 years now.

It is almost certain that Google will work this feature to their final product before public rollout, making them now the ones that have to borrow feature ideas from their rival Apple. According to the report, the company will most likely be introducing the feature in the Motion Event according to the documentation and they are planning to call it “Deep press”.

3D Touch is a feature that basically allows you to access certain options within an app by simply hard-pressing the display. Take an example with WhatsApp whereby you can access starred messages, start a new chat and access unread messages without having to open the app itself. It is however still not certain whether the feature will require a press-sensitive screen in order to work effectively. The report however adds to say that the feature will enable special responses whenever a user presses harder on the screen. With the Android versions we have now, a contextual menu already appears and hold on certain app icons but it is never as intuitive as the execution on iOS.

Rumours are already suggesting that Google may bring up this feature conveniently with their upcoming Pixel 4, their next generation flagship. It then makes sense that they will have worked out their screens to work best with the software update and all its functionalities.

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