We have all been randomly added to a WhatsApp group we had no idea of its purpose, some of us could actually be the perpetrators of adding people to our groups without their consent. Admittedly, some of these groups end up being functional but more often than not, the groups are chaotic, filled with subjects you would rather steer away from.

After a number of WhatsApp users called on the platform to device a way to prevent just anyone from randomly adding you to a group, the company has finally started rolling out the feature to its users. The feature, dubbed Group Invitation, will be found within the settings of the app and will have three options, Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody, which will dictate who can add you to groups without your permission.

If you select Everyone, you will not see any change as to how groups work as anyone can simply add you to a group and you will not have a say against that, unless you choose to leave the group after being added. Selecting My Contacts sets a limit that only those people in your contact list can add you to groups without your permission on the platform – this might work for those who have a “sane” selection of contacts but for most of us, selecting Nobody is the way to go since this will require anyone adding you  to a group to explicitly send you a request which you can decide to accept or deny within the 72 hour limit.

In case the 72 hours lapse before you accept the invite, it shall be deemed denied and the admin will be required to send another invite if they really want you in their group.

WhatsApp Group Invitation

Here’s how to activate WhatsApp group invitation feature:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy
  • Tap on Groups
  • Select the option that suits you best, either Everyone, MyContacts or Nobody
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