Are Foldable Devices Going to Get Weird?


The Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) and this year’s Samsung Unpacked event, set to be here in a few days, are believed to bring a new generation of devices that fold. The main question not many are asking is how the future is set to be like for the industry.

Yes, we have had an introduction of the new era with the Royale FlexPai, the only foldable gadget in the industry…for now. TCL renders from CNET surfaced to the public with images of upcoming folding smartphones and tablets. This includes one smartphone that flips all the way to a Futurama- style bracelet and others that flip both in and out.

TCL Foldable Phone

TCL foldable phone

With much anticipation of the new wave of design for devices coming to accomplishment, the industry is likely to even bring out more new interesting ideas, as they continue to improve the folding devices. This is in terms of making them lighter, slimmer, easier to fold and what a view!

But I personally have to say this new generation will be weird. Why fold them? Is it to make them more efficient or is it just another trending wave among the players in the industry for marketing purposes and push their sales up? However, the tech mammoths might actually prove me wrong and bring their first set of devices being way cooler and efficient than I imagine them to be.

The renders from TCL might actually serve as the industry standard for all companies currently experimenting on the flexible display aspect. Given the incredibly fast evolution of the display designs and technology, it is quite clear that the tech industry is not likely to settle on a consistent design language for these devices. The move will keep on maybe even faster than we presume it to be. There will most likely never be a consistent form factor.

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