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You Probably Shouldn’t Blur Out Your Friends, Or Their Children


We have seen someone shamelessly crop out someone else who was from their photo for whatever reason. This behaviour has now been extended to background blurs since almost all phones support it now.

The issue is a non-issue really (I know, I am confusing myself too) but it has probably happened to you or it will happen to you when someone “accidentally” blurs you out on a photo and I am sure that feeling isn’t exactly great.

In an ad showcasing the new iPhones’ depth control feature, Apple has gone for some sort of dark humour to address this issue while showing off their iPhones.

The ad which was posted on YouTube, features three women, one showing the other a photo she took of their sons and exclaims that the kids are “best buds” only for the other lady to notice that her child had been blurred out. “Wait, who is that blurred out in the background? Did you bokeh my child?” she asks.

The cute photo viewing exercise turns into an awkward situation with the bokeh’d child’s mother asking, “Why do you hate Jacob?”. In an effort to explain herself, the perpetrator mom shows how she can remove the bokeh from the image but the face on Jacob’s mom clearly shows that the damage has already been done.

“What kind of person bokeh’s a child? I would never bokeh your child.”


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