Instagram Really Really Wants You to Watch IGTV Videos


Remember IGTV? That thing that Instagram thought would dethrone YouTube? Well, it seems that things haven’t exactly been going as planned. When IGTV launched last year in June, it started out as a standalone app that was later on integrated into the main Instagram app in a bid to push interaction with the new platform.

Instagram has now released an update that will have IGTV videos preview appear on users’ timelines. If anyone you follow churns out an IGTV video, a one-minute preview will appear on your feed and users will be able to interact with it by tapping on the video to watch it in full in IGTV.

The company made this announcement through their official Twitter handle, a tweet that was followed by users asking for chronological order instead:

This is not the first time that the Facebook-owned platform has tried to push IGTV down users’ throats. Instagram has embedded IGTV videos on the explore page, on top of sending out occasional notifications for new videos posted by people you follow. IGTV content creators can also add video previews to their stories. So yeah, this push has been going on for a while.

In a statement, Instagram said that this move was aimed at making it easier for users to discover new content from their followers, “With IGTV previews in feed, we’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favourite follows.” However, we think that this is Instagram’s way of begging users to pay attention to IGTV.

Speaking of which, follow us on Instagram, we promise not to spam you with unsolicited IGTV videos.

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