Apple Rewards Teenager Who Spotted FaceTime Bug


The past few days Apple has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. From the issue at hand, the FaceTime bug to developers secretly recording users’ in-app activity, all this is after the company trolled Google over its privacy issues back at CES 2019.

Turns out what happens on your iPhone does not necessarily stay on your iPhone. Anyway, the issue at hand is that Apple did send out iOS 12.1.4 update on Thursday, February 7, 2019, to fix the FaceTime bug. Alongside seeding the update, Apple announced that they would be rewarding the teenager behind spotting the bug.

The company said that it would compensate 14-year-old Grant Thompson and his family for discovering the bug and reporting it to the company. Apple did not disclose what the compensation would be but the company did reveal that they will be investing in Grant Thompson’s education on top of formally crediting Thompson and Daven Morris in the release notes to its latest iPhone software update.

Another issue that arose following the FaceTime bug was how hard it is to report bugs to Apple. It took over a week for the FaceTime bug to be reported to Apple, which is a serious concern. Apple did acknowledge this challenge and said that it would be making a few changes to how they handle reports of software bugs.

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