Nokia 2 Oreo Update is Coming But it’s Not as Sweet as We’d Want

Nokia 2

The Nokia 2 launched back in October 2017 to a good reception thanks to its huge battery, good build quality and great software experience thanks to stock Android. At that time, the device was running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and has remained so until date.

Users of the device waited for Android Oreo to come – with the hope of getting Android Go but that did not happen, now we have Android Pie and HMD Global has left out the device from their update roadmap. Why? Well, the problem lies on the software the device launched with.

At the time of launch, Google’s less intensive software, Android Go had not yet launched, thus, Nokia 2 did not come with the all benefits of optimized software despite the low-end processing power it possesses with 1GB of RAM. When Android Go was released, the Nokia 2 still was not able to clad on this new dessert but as we later got to learn, it’s because it is impossible to switch a device from normal Android software to the optimized Android Go.

Long story short, HMD has confirmed that indeed the Oreo update for Nokia 2 is coming – Not Pie but there’s a very big subtitle to it. The Oreo update will not be as optimised as the current Nougat software.

This means that the user experience will take a hit –  the UI will probably be laggy and annoying and for this reason, HMD said that they are making the update optional to all users, thus those who want to update to Android Oreo, will have to fill in a request form and the update will be sent to them.

However, those who choose to upgrade will not be losing it all. The Oreo update is said to bring better battery life – which is insane to think about, better performance and other Oreo goodness. Keep in mind that the Oreo update is not Android Oreo (Go Edition) and it is for this reason that HMD is actually letting users of the Nokia 2 stick to Nougat.

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