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Tweeps Can’t Agree on How to Draw an X

How to draw an X

Twitter is a great place to spend some time, of all the social media platforms – despite not being the most used platform, Twitter seemingly is one of the influential ones and definitely the most interesting one. Remember the Yanny and Laurel debacle that left tweeps on each other necks over which word they heard, well, here’s another one to kick start your year.

One Twitter user posted a question, “Which way do you draw an X?” Followed by an image of a number of ways to draw an X:

Before we get into the responses, go ahead an draw an X then let us know in the comments below which way you do it. Personally, I am an 8. Right stroke first, downwards, then Left stroke downwards and I am not alone, my colleague also does the same but that’s just the two of us. The rest of the team all fall under number 7 –  the most common way to write X as per the replies.

The tweet above quickly went viral as most people were surprised that there were different ways to draw an X, while some were confident in their X-skills, others were confused and some just trolled.

The confident ones:

Then there was this mess:

Finally, the trolls:

@SMASEY tries to give a conclusion based on the replies her tweet got, saying that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6, but I am none of those, if anything, I should fall under UK but here I am with an 8…

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