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Report Suggests that Android Updates are Getting Faster

Android Updates

The issue of Android and software updates is not a new case. Fanboys, techies and normal users have been complaining about the same for quite a while now. The truth is, Android sucks when it comes to software updates but this mostly attributed to the numerous devices manufacturers churn out every other month, from entry-level phones to flagships, on top of manufacturers skins that make it almost impossible to update the software.

A report by well-known digital platform, Android Authority indicates that Android updates have been improving over the years with a good number of manufacturers sending out updates in a shorter time as compared to previous years.

The report took into account only flagship phones from a limited number of manufacturers, so don’t expect to see the mention of TECNO and Innjoo. As much as the report shows improvement, the actual numbers on the ground are not as impressive. The number of manufacturers creating Android devices keeps on growing with most of them focusing on budget smartphones which means that there’s a high chance these phones will never receive any kind of update.

Back to the report, it shows that the average number of days it takes for manufacturers to send out updates has improved to 118 days from when Google announced the official release of Android Pie, down from 170 days with Android Oreo and 192 days with Android Nougat.

Manufacturers that have improved on their delivery times include Samsung and Huawei (who were notorious for sending out updates almost a year later). The usual good guys when it comes to updates; Sony and OnePlus are still leading the pack and Xiaomi has also improved in sending out updates despite their heavily skinned software.

Here’s the data:

Manufacturer Days to Update Release 

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