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Millenial Problems: There’s a Subscription Service that Sharpens Knives For You

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Kenyans can easily relate to the traditional method of sharpening knives against a stone or a rough wall. At times, we even sharpen knives by grinding them against each other and if things get too bad, then we engage the services of a knife sharpener who have nowadays become as rare sunflower in the desert.

Well, it seems that the problem of blunt knives has become such a nuisance that there’s a whole startup dedicated to ensuring that your knives always stay sharp.

Knifey, a US-based startup offers a subscription service that delivers a set of knives to users and ensures that these knives are kept sharp throughout the subscription period. Sounds complicated? Let me try and explain:

The service charges between $6 and $12 per month for access to what they term as Chef-grade knives, which will be used by the subscriber throughout the subscription period. The plans range from a single knife to a set of 5 knives. Included in the subscription, is the option to choose when you want the company to replace your knives with sharpened ones.

Since this is a subscription service, you will never actually own the knives. It will be like hiring the knives for use in your house and once you decide to cancel the subscription, you return the knives to the company and in case of loss or damage, this could cost you between $50 and $75 depending on the knife.

What sounds like a terrible idea is an actual business plan. The company states that sharp knives make better cooks, but going with the feedback I have received on my cooking, I think it will take more than a set of sharp knives to make me a better cook.

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