Adobe Flash is Dead as Mozilla Hammers the Final Nail


Adobe Flash has been undergoing a slow death. Things started escalating against the plug-in after Google’s Chrome officially stopped supporting flash with the Chrome 69 update back in September 2018, requiring users to give explicit consent to websites that require Flash to run. The next step for Chrome is to disable Flash entirely by default sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

The plug-in has not only been receiving rejection from the browsers but the creator, Adobe, also announced that it would be pulling the plug completely on Flash by 2020.

As the end approaches, Mozilla’s Firefox has joined chrome in officially ending support for flash player in their latest update. According to Mozilla’s bug listing, Firefox 69 will see Flash support disabled by default on the browser. Like Chrome, Firefox has been slowly weaning its users off Adobe’s Flash player.

Reason for Flash Player’s demise is security concerns as the plug-in was notoriously vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. Adobe did try to patch things up but this did not seem to make anything better, leading to the slow death we see right now.

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