Njia Za Kushare Password Ya WiFi From iPhone To Android

share wi-fi password iphone to android

If you have guests in your home, they might request you share the Wi-Fi password so they can cut down their mobile data usage and enjoy safe browsing on your secure network. However, explaining the network to join and spelling out the password can get tedious. You would want to help your guests connect to your network without typing a single thing. There is a handy dandy feature for iPhone users where a pop-up to share their Wi-Fi password shows on their screen. This feature is not compatible with Android phones, but there is still a way to automatically share your Wi-Fi password quickly and easily from iPhone to Android phone.

How To Share WiFi Access From iPhone To Android

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Gallery tab.
  3. Search for QR Your Wi-Fi. (This is a pre-made Apple shortcut that comes complete with all the instructions needed to automate the QR code creation process.)
  4. Select the shortcut and click on +Add Shortcut.
  5. Edit your app screen by long pressing on the screen and clicking on the + button.
  6. Search for the Shortcuts app and tap on it.
  7. Select the QR Your Wi-Fi widget and it will appear on the app screen. (Adding the widget makes it simpler to access the command.)
  8. Tap on the widget to run the command. Enter your Wi-Fi name and password prompted by the shortcut. A QR code is then generated.
  9. Scan the QR code using an Android device.
  10. If you entered your details correctly, the Android device should be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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