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If you are considering buying a computer, your choices are either a laptop or a desktop. Deciding on which one to get entirely depends on your needs. Here are some factors you consider to help you make the decision.

Desktop or laptop? How To Decide

 Your budget

The money you will spend on a computer can help you decide. Generally, laptops are significantly cheaper compared to desktops. Buying a desktop requires you to buy external accessories like a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, the external. Therefore if your budget is on the lower end and you need a computer, then a laptop should be your option.


If you need a computer that you can take from place to place, then your only option is to buy a laptop. Desktops are normally bulky and have external accessories, making them impossible to carry around. Laptops, on the other hand, are pretty much made for portability.


Another crucial aspect you should consider is the purpose of the computer you are planning to buy or the tasks you will perform. If you buy a computer for heavy gaming and graphic-intensive tasks, then a desktop should be your first option.

Even though there are laptops that can perform heavy tasks, like the 16-inch m2 MacBook pro or ASUS Zenbook 14, they are super expensive and not as highly configurable as desktops. Therefore, a desktop should be your first option when it comes to performing power tasks. However, if you want a computer to perform simple tasks, then you are better off with a laptop.

Upgradability and repair

If you are planning to use your computer for a long time, then the upgradability of parts and reparability should be considered. Some parts may break down or slow down over time and must be replaced or repaired. In a laptop, the number of parts you can repair is very limited, and even so, they are very expensive to repair and replace some parts, while on a desktop, pretty much everything can be replaced or upgraded.

Screen size

If you are working on tasks that require you to use a big screen, then you are better off with a desktop. A desktop can even give you the versatility of having a multiple-screen setup, unlike laptops which limit the number of external screens you can connect to them. 

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