KPLC Prepaid Service Disrupted By M-Pesa Glitch

KPLC Prepaid Service Halted By M-Pesa Glitch

In a statement released yesterday by KPLC on social media platform X, the utility company stated that the delay affected prepaid customers attempting to top up.

The power company assured its customers that the responsible team was working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, Kenya Power has advised its customers to use alternative payment methods like bank transactions.

The mobile money service experienced a technical issue that started around 3 pm and resulted in prepaid customers being unable to purchase electricity tokens. The problem persisted until a few minutes to midnight, which is when the first customers were finally able to receive their tokens. In a statement, the company acknowledged the issue and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Customers were left angry and frustrated by a delay in their token purchases. Many had already made the transactions but were unable to receive the messages. These customers felt that switching to other payment methods was not an option since their funds were already in their mobile money wallets.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is the primary entity responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity in Kenya. It is a publicly-owned company that the Kenyan government fully controls. KPLC procures the electricity it distributes from Kengen, the largest power producer in Kenya, which holds a 65% share of the Kenyan electricity market.

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