You Can Now Watch All The Premier League Matches For Only 1050


Now you can watch Premier League matches wherever you go with Showmax Pro Mobile. All courtesy of SuperSport. Picture this: you are watching your favourite teams go head-to-head on the beach, while stuck in traffic, or during a festive family lunch. Showmax Pro Mobile looks to be the companion for live football.

But Anfernee, wasn’t Showmax Pro phased out?
Yes, Showmax Pro was phased out on November 30, 2023. However, Showmax Pro Mobile will continue to be available until the relaunch of Showmax in February 2024.

Watching Premier League On The Go

The company promises a line-up of live Premier League action, bringing the excitement of the beautiful game to your holiday season. The fixtures include: 

Sunday, 10 December: 

  • Crystal Palace vs Liverpool  
  • Brighton vs Burnley  
  • Manchester United vs Bournemouth 
  • Sheffield United vs Brentford  
  • Wolves vs Nottingham Forest  
  • Aston Villa vs Arsenal  

Friday 15 December: 

  • Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham 

Saturday 16 December: 

  • Bournemouth vs Luton 
  • Chelsea vs Sheffield United
  • Manchester City vs Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs Fulham 
  • Burnley vs Everton 

Sunday 17 December: 

  • Arsenal vs Brighton 
  • Brentford vs Aston Villa 
  • West Ham vs Wolves 
  • Liverpool vs Manchester United 

Thursday 21 December: 

  • Crystal Palace vs Brighton 

Friday 22 December: 

  • Aston Villa vs Sheffield United Saturday 23 December 
  • West Ham vs Manchester United Fulham vs Burnley 
  • Luton vs Newcastle 
  • Nottingham Forest vs Bournemouth Tottenham vs Everton 
  • Liverpool vs Arsenal 

Sunday 24 December: 

  • Wolves vs Chelsea 

Tuesday 26 December: 

  • Newcastle vs Nottingham  
  • Forest Bournemouth vs Fulham Sheffield  
  • United vs Luton  
  • Burnley vs Liverpool 
  • Manchester United vs Aston Villa 

Wednesday 27 December: 

  • Brentford vs Wolves
  • Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs Manchester City 

Thursday 28 December: 

  • Brighton vs Tottenham
  • Arsenal vs West Ham 

Saturday 30 December: 

  • Luton vs Chelsea 
  • Aston Villa vs Burnley 
  • Crystal Palace vs Brentford 
  • Manchester City vs Sheffield United
  • Wolves vs Everton 
  • Nottingham Forest vs Manchester United 

Sunday 31 December: 

  • Fulham vs Arsenal  
  • Tottenham vs Bournemouth 

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