Catch Exclusive Local Content on Safaricom Baze Ahead of the Festive Season

Safaricom Baze

Safaricom has new and exclusive local content on the BAZE video platform ahead of the festive season.

Customers will have access to unlimited and affordable video entertainment for a low price of KES 10 daily. It will feature exclusive content from renowned content creators like Njugush, Awinja, Terrence Creative, Crazy Kennar, King Kaka, Flaqo, and Desagu.

Baze is a subscription based mobile-first, Video-On-Demand service. This platform offers a variety of edutainment, agriculture, faith-based, drama, comedy, lifestyle, culture content, and more. It also provides local content creators a means to monetize their content. 

The platform is a one-stop shop for local entertainment.

“Through BAZE, our goal is to delight Kenyans by availing a carefully curated collection of video content across their favorite genres, while providing content creators, an additional platform for sharing their stories with Kenyans while increasing their earnings by monetizing their content.” Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC.

The three shows being debuted are: 

  • Cheki Ngoma by King Kaka- takes us through the journey behind making music, featuring top Kaka Empire artists
  • Njugush’s Plug Flani –A show about a hustler who comes to the city to make money, his intentions are good, but he chews more than he can swallow; 
  • The Half-Cooked Report- a three-part comedy sketch that has humor, satire, and drama presented in a news-like format by Henry Desagu.

Safaricom remains committed to working with the creative economy, with plans already underway to onboard more content creators in 2023.

Throughout the festive season, more exclusive content from local acts will be added to the BAZE platform. . Expect acts from creatives like Flaqo, Awinja, Crazy Kennar, and Terrence Creative.

To access the content, customers can simply dial *544*55# on their mobile device or visit

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