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CrystalsCapitals Review – Lower Costs and Broader Market Access

CrystalsCapitals Review – Lower Costs and Broader Market Access - Gadgets Africa


Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stocks and ETF trades, $1 per contract fee for options trades 

Why We Choose CrystalsCapitals

CrystalsCapitals is one of the highly-ranked low-cost trading platforms. It also boasts broader market access and vast product offerings. Although those are the main attributes that give CrystalsCapitals a robust competitive edge in the industry, the broker also has some unique perks. 

Lower fees and margin interest rates 

CrystalsCapitals permits zero commissions for stock and ETF trades, with a $1 per contract fee for options trades. It has also eliminated several standard trading and administrative fees, ensuring significantly lower costs for traders and investors. 

Access to numerous markets 

CrystalsCapitals boasts an extensive domestic and foreign market centers network. It allows you access to more than 150 markets across over 50 countries worldwide. That ensures more flexibility for beginner traders and seasoned investors. 

A more comprehensive selection of investment products 

Thanks to its broader market access, CrystalsCapitals also offers its clients a robust selection of assets and innovative products. Its portfolio comprises long and short stocks, different types of bonds, thousands of mutual funds, and several other high-growth investments. 

On-demand client support 

CrystalsCapitals also provides highly reliable customer service, with shorter response times and faster resolutions. That streamlines the overall user experience. 


CrystalsCapitals has earned a strong market position over the recent months, mainly due to its low-cost investment options, broader market access, and breadth of investment products. The broker has continually innovated its trading policies and practices to attract various traders and investors. Thanks to the above perks and CrystalsCapitals’s on-demand client support, the platform has seen a significant surge in its daily active users and trading volumes. The overall trading experience on CrystalsCapitals is relatively seamless, but it does not have a mobile app. Besides, accessibility is limited to specific territories and countries only. 


  • Lower fees and margin interest rates 
  • Broader market access 
  • A more comprehensive selection of investment products 
  • On-demand customer support 


  • Limited geographical coverage 
  • The broker is still developing the mobile app 

Trading Platforms 

CrystalsCapitals’s clients have two trading platforms at their disposal. You can create an account on the desktop or web-based platform to start investing. CrystalsCapitals’s trading platforms integrate nearly similar features and functions for easy navigation. The almost identical functionalities and tools also mean you can use the venues simultaneously. 

Traders and investors can access the same asset classes and product offerings on CrystalsCapitals’s desktop and web versions. The platforms provide screeners, portfolio analysis, trading idea generators, charts, price alerts, multi-leg options, calculators, research amenities, fundamental data, and news. 

You can also stage orders for later execution on CrystalsCapitals’s desktop and web platforms. The web version features a basic and intuitive design, with the ability to customize the layouts. It is well-suited to beginners and passive investors. However, active traders who need more sophisticated tools and functionalities should use the desktop version. 

Products and Markets 

CrystalsCapitals emphasizes allowing traders and investors unrestricted access to robust investment instruments and markets. It brings together a great mix of asset classes and innovative products to attract different types of traders and investors. CrystalsCapitals also allows you to fund your account using more than 20 currencies. Here are the tradeable products on CrystalsCapitals. 

  • Stocks (Long and Short)
  • Bonds (Corporate, Municipal, CDs, Treasury)
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Options 

CrystalsCapitals offers several other securities, including precious metals, IPOs, and foreign ORDs with high-growth potential. All their clients have access to over 150 markets across more than 50 countries. 


Here are the main reasons why CrystalsCapitals ranks highly among the best low-cost brokers. 

  • Zero account minimums 
  • Commissions-free stock and ETF trades 
  • $1 per contract fee for opening an options account 
  • No commissions for the account transfer, closure, and inactivity 
  • Free domestic wire transfers and checks 

Other fees and margin interest rates still apply on CrystalsCapitals. So, check out the CrystalsCapitals website or contact them directly for more information about pricing and fee schedules before investing. Nevertheless, the overall trading and administrative costs of CrystalsCapitals are lower than the fees levied by most of its immediate competitors. But contact this broker for more details on ways to boost returns from your trading or investing activity. 


Cover photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash 

DISCLAIMER: This article is sponsored and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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