YouTube Is Testing Up To Five Unskippable Ads Before A Video Starts

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Youtube, the video-sharing social media platform has recently silently implemented a new ad format starting this September 2022. According to Gizmochina, a number of freemium users took to Twitter claiming that they have to watch up to five ads, which have no skip option before their selected video plays.

Some even show that a user could watch up to a whopping ten advertisements.


The company responded to a user via its Team YouTube account saying they may be experiencing a certain type of ad format called bumper ads. It claimed that the ads are ‘only up to 6 seconds long’Users can leave feedback via the Send Feedback tool.

The bumper ad format was first introduced in 2016 and was described by the company as ‘little haikus of video ads’. The ads may play before, during or after a video and viewers don’t have the option of skipping the ads.

Other users who responded to the bumper ad format on Twitter claimed that the company is gravitating viewers towards its subscription service, YouTube Premium. This subscription service provides, an ad-free viewing experience, features such as background play and download videos to watch offline.

However, not all YouTube Freemium users are experiencing the ‘5 ads before your video starts’ situation. It seems like YouTube is currently testing out the waters amongst a small demographic of YouTube Free users. Currently, most users are receiving up to 2 ads before their video starts, but it’s not known whether the ‘5-ad-format’ will be rolled out to all YouTube Freemium users soon.

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