We Designed the Next iPhone- Here Is How You Can Too!

design the next iPhone

Imagine if you could design the next best iPhone. Well, maybe not necessarily the best, but just your own design of an iPhone. Since we cannot all be Apple engineers, I wondered if this is something I can accomplish with software.

Introducing, Design the Next iPhone. This is a simple, easy-to-use website that allows you to do exactly what its name says. They have features and accessories that you just drag and drop on an iPhone model to design it the way you want. These range from necessary to outright ridiculous features.

You even get a presentation button with Tim Cook announcing the breakthrough iPhone you have just created.

Design the Next iPhone

This is my iPhone 14 Pro Max Ultra SE going for KES 245, 692. Here are the special features:

  • Dual Selfie Camera- I will use the second one as an UltraWide lens
  • Single Pro Max Camera- Why have many tiny cameras at the back when you can have just one perfect one? “One camera to rule them all, one camera to find them, One camera to bring them all…”
  • Headphone Jack- Because why not?
  • Antenna- You know, for network issues in Ocha. 
  • Cup Holder- I don’t have a reason for this one honestly. But I guess it can make a good phone stand?
  • Power, volume and silencer button on the same side- convenience!
  • Pro handle- The iPhone 14 Pro Max Ultra SE is a really heavy device.

You can watch our crazy stupid final product here.

Here are some other hilarious designs I spotted. Try it and show us what you get too!

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