Fix it with Dorris: What To Do If You Spill Water On Your Laptop


Have you ever spilt water or any liquid substance on your laptop? I am sure it was scary and frustrating. These things happen by mistake or without knowing. I am here to give you tips on what to do if you spill water on your laptop.

What To Do If You Spill Water On Your Laptop

Shut down the laptop

Immediately after the water has spilt you can grab a piece of cloth and wipe the area that has been affected. After that shut down the computer and give it some time before you put it on again to confirm if the spill has affected the better part of your laptop.

Remove the battery immediately

Remove the laptop battery. Dismantle the laptop if you can remove every connected part of your laptop motherboard and remove the CMOS battery if not soldered if soldered leave it. Keep out the parts dismantled for 20hrs out in a warm environment to soak out water.

Turn it upside down

As quickly as possible turn the laptop upside down to stop the water from going further into the machine. By opening the laptop out and sitting it on a flat surface upside-down, you can prevent the computer or the screen from further water damage

Remove any peripheral devices

For this take out any components that may be attached to the laptop such as USB dongles and SD cards. Also, if you can remove the keyboard from the laptop, remove it and clean off any water that may have spilled on the keyboard and prevent further damage.

Dry your laptop

Leave the laptop for 48 hours in a cool, dry place allowing air to get to as much of the laptop as possible.  

 If your laptop consumed a lot of water and it is not responding to the above ways take it to any local laptop repair shop for a check-up to know whether any components need to be replaced. They should also be able to strip down the machine and dry it out for you. Of course, they won’t do this for free you’ll be charged for labor and any parts that need to be replaced.

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