Kenya’s Latest Finance App Grey, Faces Hurdles Shortly After Launch


Only a few days in and Grey Finance App is already facing issues in Kenya. In an email sent to users, the companycompany notes that the USD account services have been unavailable on Grey for the last 14 days.

Grey Finance App: A Bump In The Road

It pains the whole team and myself that Grey, which we know is a source of comfort to many, has caused any additional anxiety to anyone at all. Please know that we are working with our partners to ensure that this is completed really soon. – Grey

They note that they are upgrading the app and insist that it is a priority to their partners and, by extension, them.

“It is progressing as planned and please know all hands are on deck at Grey and at our partner institution to get everything up and running.” Says Grey Co-founder Femi.

He goes on to say that the funds in your USD balance are not affected by this upgrade. You can still swap & withdraw with no issues. EUR & GBP accounts are fully functional.

However, they recommend not sending any deposits or transfers to your USD accounts. If you do, it’ll be reversed to the sending bank.

This isn’t the only case

We saw an earlier similar situation with another finance app where there was an issue transfering money to Kenyan banks.

Lets hope they can sort out this issue and get back on track

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