Google To Add Data Safety Section In Play Store To Improve User Privacy

Google Data Safety
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Google announced that it’s rolling out a new safety feature in the Play Store that will shed some light on the apps downloaded to your device. There will be a ‘data safety’ section for every app on the PlayStore. Developers will be required to give users information about how the apps collect, share and secure user data.

“We heard from users and app developers that displaying the data an app collects, without additional context, is not enough. Users want to know for what purpose their data is being collected and whether the developer is sharing user data with third parties. In addition, users want to understand how app developers are securing user data after an app is downloaded. That’s why we designed the data safety section to allow developers to clearly mark what data is being collected and for what purpose it’s being used” Google wrote in the blog post.

Developers can read more about what they need to disclose to users on this page. This feature also affects developers with apps that don’t collect any user data. They are required to fill the form and provide a link to their privacy policy. This is all part of Google’s attempts to ensure that the PlayStore apps respect user privacy and visibility and control they need to enjoy their apps.

This section will be rolling out gradually over the coming weeks. App developers have until July 20th to add the information to their listings.

What information can the developers show?

  • Whether the developer is collecting data and for what purpose.
  • Whether the developer is sharing data with third parties.
  • The app’s security practices, like encryption of data in transit and whether users can ask for data to be deleted.
  • Whether a qualifying app has committed to following Google Play’s Families Policy to better protect children in the Plat Store.
  • Whether the developer has validated their security practices against a global security standard.

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