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Will Smith Vs Chris Rock: The Funniest Internet Reactions That ‘Slapped’

Will Smith Chris Rock

You are already aware of the most dramatic event that transpired on the Oscars stage last night. Well, unless of course you are living under a rock (Pun intended-I was itching to drop that).  But if you are Chris Rock and a multitude of people around the world, you are still probably processing.

Actor Will Smith walked to the stage and handed a hot slap to comedian Chris Rock, a move no one expected. This was all a result of a Chris Rock joke on Will’s Wife, a joke everyone except Jada Smith seemed to find funny. A joke that Will Smith himself enjoyed a few seconds prior to the slap.

Here are some of the best reactions, tweets, and memes I am still laughing at since then.

And if the setup was a bit different?

Their son on the other hand seems to be fine with everything.

What’s your reaction?



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