Fake Answer Sites Catch Students Who Cheat On Online Exams

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If you thought you were safe taking exams from home, it looks like things may get a bit trickier for you. A remote testing service called Honorlock is using fake answer sites to tempt and catch students who try to cheat on online exams.

Fake Answer Sites Catching Students Who Cheat On Online Exams

According to a report by The Markup, when a student visits one of these “honeypot” sites during an online test, the site automatically sends data back to the student’s remote testing software. The data indicates to the site that the student is attempting to cheat.

According to the site, they are already at work on over 300 educational institutions in America. This is not to say that it’ll come to Kenya or go global anytime soon but you can never be too sure with the way life moves fast.

They even state that at their core, Honorlock taps into students’ webcams during tests. It then uses AI to alert remote human proctors of any suspicious activity. This means they can even tell when a student takes out their phone during an exam.

Dr Collins Odote, the Director, Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy recently noted that they use Google platforms to administer exams-first. They invite students to Google Classrooms so that they are able to see all of them. In their case, they use Google Meet to monitor or invigilate the process.

With the addition of these honey pot sites, they might be able to curb online exam cheating so steer clear of cheating.

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